Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"I walk a little."

In last week's "Modern Family" there was a scene where a guy is complimenting Jay on his physique and bashfully Jay remarks, "I walk a little."  I cracked up because that's the level of exercise I do too.  That scene also jogged (get it) my memory that I had drafted a post about the daily walks I was doing outside when the weather was nicer.  Pretty much everyday of the summer I'd eat lunch around noon and then by 1:30 p.m. when my BG was starting to rise I'd take a 30 minute walk and that sucker would top out around 160 and then coast back down.  It was really quite amazing.  Now that it's colder I've pretty much stopped walking all together, but have a plan to start a new exercise program after Thanksgiving.

Without further ado, I present the mid-workday walk.
The tennis shoes I keep in my desk
The start of the path
Pretty bird hanging out in the murky pond
Feels like "LOST"
The creek signals "turn around"
Taking a picture before anyone sees
I sit near the star
Back to reality


  1. hey Katie, i saw your pictures , its so natural.. and yes I totally agree with your post about a walk, exercise. I must say regular exercise is never going to harm though it helps in making you always fit and fine.

  2. Love the photos. I've noticed the effects (all good) from a post-lunch walk. Amazing what even ten minutes does to level off the BGs. Thanks

  3. "i walk a little" was our favorite part of that episode--how he said it like "i don't want to brag, but..."

    walking after eating makes so much sense. i love that you have a pretty place to stroll while you're at work.

    1. I love that show. The one liners are the best.

  4. I Agree, a little walk keeps you fit.